Lot F, “Chapelle Internationale”, Paris 18ème

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December 4, 2014 – FINALIST

Social Housing, “SOHO” apartments and Residences for young workers and immigrant workers.
In association with AECDP – Agence Christian and Elizabeth de Portzamparc.

Finalist in invited competition.

– – – – Complete information about the project and updates coming soon – – –

Title:Chambre avec vue

Project name: Housing Competition on Chapelle International masterplan for the “LOT F”

Date: August-October 2014

Type: Invited Competition

Competition Organizer: RIVP

Number of participants: 5 participants (AECDP -Agence Elizabeth et Christian de Portzamparc- & STAR, Souto de Moura & Marchi Architectes, Eric Lapierre & Kuehn Malvezzi, Bruther & De Vydler, Vinck Taillieu, Atelier Martell & Charles Pictet)

Ranking: finalist

Location: Paris, France

Site: Chapelle International, 18th arrondissement

Programme: 90 social housing, 106 housing for young workers, 60 housing for foreign workers, 12 SOHOs (Small Office/Home Office)

Surface: 13 650  m² (net.)

Status: Competition

Client: RIVP

Budget: 27 000 000 €

Awards: Finalist



STAR Team: Beatriz Ramo, Geoffrey Clamour and Sara Picazo

STAR collaborator: Bernd Upmeyer (BOARD)

Associate Architect: AECDP (Agence Elizabeth et Christian de Portzamparc)

Consulting: BERIM (BET Structure), AGI2D (BET environnemental), Made By Mistake (model maker)

Thanks to Djamel Aït-Aissa.