700 Houses – Paradise City

September 2005, Logroño, Spain

The city proposed on the site is a park with residential elements. After subtracting the areas that cannot be developed the density more than doubles.
This confronts us with a major challenge:
How to inhabit a park?
The main concern by developing houses in a park is the question of who maintains the green space. We will privatize most of the green space, giving it to the inhabitants who will take care of it. Due to its sunken condition, the area will become a visual garden for the city and the highway.
Paradise City is inverting the concept of the private-garden and the public-park: It provides an amazing visual experience for the people of Logroño – the public-garden (inspired by the master plan of the baroque garden), and serves its inhabitants with 680 delightful private-parks.
This rich tapestry is generated through only six typologies that have a specific relation to the accompanying private park.

 (visual) Garden –  Chateau de Vilandry (France)                                  Private Park – The Golden Age (L. Cranach, 1530)




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Title: Paradise City
Project name: Housing Masterplan for Logroño
Date: September 2005Type: International Open Competition, Europan 8
Organizer: Europan
Participants: 46
Location: Logroño, Spain
Site: Land in between: Logroño Expressway, Logroño Road, A13, and the Iregua River
Programme: Masterplan:sport fields, public buildings, public spaces and parks and 683 single houses
Surface: 40 Ha
Status: Competition
Client: Logroño City Council
Budget: N/A
-Future Arquitecturas #15, Madrid, Spain, January 2009
-Arquitectura e Vida #92, Lisbon, Portugal, April 08
Exhibitions:  West Arch – A New Generation in Architecture at the Ludwig Forum für International Kunst, Aachen, Germany, September 12 – November 14, 2010
Team STAR: Beatriz Ramo, Theo Deutinger, Yoko Sano, João Prates Ruivo; model 1:500: Elia Salcedo, Daniel Díez, Xiana Méndez, Anna Dzierżon
Collaborators: BOARD (Bernd Upmeyer) and Marieke Kums