Super Germany

June 2006, Germany

The aim of the study is to show on three different levels what is Germany, what the German city, and who the German citizen. Firstly, we take the superlative, and secondly the average.
Taking the superlative we obtain a deformed map of Germany that shows the unofficial borders of the country and also how Germany ¨colonizes¨ or uses other territories, such as Mallorca. That island is the sunniest part of the German periphery, where – apart from being connected to most German cities, having German shops, radio stations, doctors, magazines and clubs – some areas are owned outright by Germans.
The legend shows what the average German city would be like in these terms: size, number of petrol stations, solar panels, the number of Media Markt shops….and so on.

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Title: Super Germany
Project name: Super Germany
Date: July 2006
Type: Commissioned study
Location: Germany
Site: Germany
Program: Study about Germany for the Catalogue of the Venice Biennale 06. It analyzes Germany at the Country, City, and Inhabitant scales
Surface: N/A
Status: Cancelled
Client: Arch+ Magazine
Budget: N/A
STAR Team: Beatriz Ramo, Theo Deutinger, Andreas Kofler