STAR + [B+B] Selected for Urban Renewal Study in Roubaix, France

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June 19, 2012

STAR + [B+B] is one of the three teams selected for the Competitive Dialogue about the urban renewal of the Pile neighbourhood in Roubaix, France.
STAR will be working together with the urbanism and landscape architects firm B+B  from Amsterdam, Herve Saillet –Participation process expert from CUADD Conseil, Eric Hamelin- sociologist from Reperage Urbain and Tony Bernard as ground work engineer advisors from Infraservices.
The Pile quarter has experience a strong degradation over the last decades due to the decay of the industry. Roubaix is today one of the poorest regions in France. The Competitive Dialogue process aims to create a strategy to start an intelligent regeneration of the Pile, covering urban, landscape and architecture issues.
The Competitive Dialogue will last until February 2013.