3D Nolli: Interview with Winy Maas

August 29, 2014

Beatriz Ramo and Bernd Upmeyer spoke on behalf of MONU with the Dutch architect, landscape architect, professor and urbanist Winy Maas.
Maas is one of the co-founding directors of the globally operating architecture and urban planning firm MVRDV, based in Rotterdam, Netherlands, known for projects such as the Expo 2000 and the vision for greater Paris, Grand Paris Plus Petit.
The interview took place on August 29, 2014 in his office in Rotterdam.

Full interview (4000 words) in MONU #21 Interior Urbanism 
See the publication here

↑image above: Interior of the Markthal. © Courtesy of MVRDV

—— Excerpts of the interview soon in this post ——-

Title: 3D Nolli
Name: Interview with Winy Maas
Date: August 29, 2014
Type: Self-initiated interview
Location: Rotterdam, the Netherlands
Site: MVRDV office
Programme: Interview about MVRDV projects.
Surface: 4000 words
Status: Published
Client: Self-initiated
Publications:  MONU #21, Rotterdam, the Netherlands, October 2014
Exhibitions: –
STAR Team: Beatriz Ramo
Collaborators: co-author: Bernd Upmeyer – BOARD + editor-in-chief MONU, Gabriele Baleyste (Transcription); Proofreading: Maarten Doude van Troostwijk
Consulting: –