This text is not going to praise our efforts at sustainability, discuss how the office works in close collaboration with its clients, or how each project is different and requires different solutions. These are platitudes that undermine the practice of architecture because these are all essential rather than special, and thus there is no need to emphasise them. When architects stop referring to these things as out of the ordinary, then and only then will they finally have been achieved. We do not argue either that our buildings are structurally stable, follow standards of hygiene, or have windows; that goes without saying.
At this point it feels unnecessary to define our thinking and the modus operandi (if there is one) of STAR. We feel no urge, nor motivation, to write a philosophy of the office. We prefer to avoid talking explicitly about what we do and how we think, and rather stay free from a frame of mind that could compromise the freedom necessary to work on completely different things at the same time, to evolve as quickly or slowly as necessary, to rethink established principles all over again, and to continuously challenge and question ourselves.

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