Beatriz Ramo at Symposium Experimental Preservation – AHO& Columbia University GSAPP

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March 28, 2014

The symposium gathers a group of outstanding practitioners from Russia, Germany, the Netherlands, USA, Sweden and Norway to discuss the emergence of experimental preservation within architecture and art, having a special focus on the reuse of post-war structures.

The event is an opportunity to meet leading figures within this burgeoning field, and to exchange ideas, experiences and work.

Thordis Arrhenius, Erik Langdalen and Jorge Otero-Pailos organize the event, which is as collaboration between AHO and Columbia University’s GSAPP. The collaboration is part of AHO’s new research and educational program in preservation, having a special focus on the material heritage of the post-war period. AHO will soon offer a wide range of master-courses and theory courses in this field, complementing the research conducted within our research centre OCCAS (Oslo Centre for Critical Architectural Studies).

The symposium is one of a series of events celebrating the 10th anniversary of the journal Future Anterior and the 50th anniversary of Columbia’s Historic Preservation program.


-Thursday 27 March at 1pm
AHO guest lecture: Alexander Schwartz from David Chipperfield Architects

-Friday 28 March, 9am – 4pm

Session 1: Alexander Sverdlov from Svesmi and Bryony Roberts
Session 2: Beatriz Ramo from STAR Strategies and Architecture, and Tobias Hönig from Brandlhuber+
Session 3: Klas Ruin and Ola Broms Wessel from Spridd and Gro Bonesmo from Spacegroup

(from the website  of the OCCAS – The Oslo Centre for Architectural and Critical studies)