Beatriz Ramo Is Keynote Speaker at Märklin World Symposium

September 24, 2011

Beatriz Ramo was invited by Kai van Hasselt to be the keynote speaker at the Symposium Märklin World at KadE on September 24 in Amersfoort. Beatriz Ramo commented on her views on architecture and urban representation and on the growing influence that representation has on architectural design (Some Subjective Views on Current Architecture Representation. She also presented parts of O’Mighty Green, a critical study of the demagogical use of Green in architecture.
image above by Gerda Steiner and Jong Lenzlinger


The one day symposium takes place on September 24 at KadE. The topics of the exhibition are debated in several lectures and discussions bringing together leading artists, architects and other practitioners. Key note speakers of the day will be Iain Borden, Prof. of Architecture and Urban Culture, Bartlett School of Arch. London on the experience of landscape along the route, Patrick Healy writer and philosopher, teaches at TU, Faculty of Architecture on the philosophy of the model, and Rotterdam based architect Beatriz Ramo, founder STAR strategies + architecture. Furthermore, artist Krijn de Koning & urban designer Han Dijk discuss the power of scale, a Q&A with some of the show’s participating artists; Stephan Mörsch, Ante Timmermans, Rob Voerman and Anne Wenzel, a lecture on stop-motion animations from photographer Willem van den Hoed and insights on rendering from Patrick Meijers, founder of A2 studio, one of the leading render and visualization agencies. The symposium will be moderated by Huib Haye van der Werf, curator at SKOR and is conducted in English.
Date: September 24
Place: KAdE, Smallepad 3, Amersfoort.
Entrance: Free – Please register with Simone Buys:
Some Subjective Views on Current Architecture Representation + O´Mighty Green
MärklinWorld  Symposium – Kunsthal KadE
Amersfoort, theNetherlands
September 24, 2011
More information from KAdE website.

Die Welt aus Sicht von 40 Künstlern – A Model of the World by 40 Artists – Modellen van de wereld door 40 kunstenaars
From Saturday the 24th September the ‘MärklinWorld’ will be on show at Kunsthal KAdE in Amersfoort. The exhibition shows how (city)landscape is a major source of inspiration for artists. At the same time many artists are interested in ‘the model’ (mock up) as an echo of the constructed world around us.  A center piece of the exhibition is a 60 meter long Märklin model track along which artists have built installations and sculptures. Furthermore a great many artists show how the contemporary city is represented in photography and paintings.
Do join the symposium for an in-depth look at the world of urban views, art, photography and architecture and a visit to a very exciting exhibition. The symposium will take place in the Auditorium of KAdE, Smallepad 3, Amersfoort. There is no fee to attend due to the sponsor NS Poort. Lunch boxes are available at KADE and cost 6 euros. Please register with Simone Buys:
Maximum number of participants is 100. For the full program see:
Program Saturday September 24:
10.30 hrs: coffee
11.00 hrs: opening by Robbert Roos & introduction moderator Huib Haye van der Werf
11.10 hrs: keynote lecture Iain Borden – the experience of landscape along the route by Prof. of Architecture and Urban Culture, Bartlett School of Arch. London
12.00 hrs: the power of scale: in discussion with artist Krijn de Koning & Han Dijk, urban designer Posad
12.30 hrs: Depicting the urban: Q&A with artists of the exhibition featuring Stephan Mörsch, Ante Timemrsmans, Rob Voerman and Anne Wenzel
13.15 hrs: lunch break
13.45 hrs: keynote lecture Patrick Healy – philosophy of the model, writer and philosopher, teaches at Delft School of Design, Faculty of Architecture
14.30 hrs: design through photography: constructed architectonic realities intime-lapse and stop-motion animations from the photography workshop by Willem van den Hoed at Explore lab / TU Delft
15.15 hrs: rendered realities. Patrick Meijers, founder A2 Studio on the role of 3D visualizations and renderings
15.50 hrs: tea Break
16.15 hrs: key note lecture: Beatriz Ramo, founder STAR strategies + architecture
17.00 hrs: Q&A with the key note speakers
17.30 hrs: end of symposium. Drinks
For speaker bio’s please see the website