‘Co-Résidence: Habiter en Grand’ is Published in MONU 18 – Communal Urbanism

April 2013, The Netherlands

The current issue of MONU ‘Communal Urbanism’ features an abridged article on our project: Co-Residence: Habiter en Grand or How to Pay for a ‘2CV’ and Get a ‘Co-Rolls Royce.
These pages are a brief synthesis of a research project realized by STAR and BOARD as part of the Scientific Committee of the AIGP – Atelier International du Grand Paris, in the framework of «Habiter le Grand Paris», presented and delivered in March 2013.

«Co-Residence: Habiter en Grand»
By STAR strategies + architecture & BOARD – Consultants: Elioth – Egis Group, Lyn Capital.
-April, 2013
-Publisher: BOARD Publishers
-Rotterdam, the Netherlands
-ISSN: 1860-3211
-Page: 89-96