“Co-Résidence: Habiter en Grand” – AIGP

September 2012 – On going

“Co-Residence: Habiter en Grand” is a concept realized by STAR – strategies + architecture and MONU/BOARD as the first part of an ongoing research for the AIGP – Atelier International du Grand Paris, in the framework of «Habiter le Grand Paris».

Co-Residence applies the contemporary spirit of ‘sharing’ that is being more and more adopted in our culture in the form of co-working, bicycle sharing systems, or car-pooling, to housing.

‘Co-Residence’ is an apartment, of which some of the basic elements are shared by two or more ‘private units’. It is an alternative to the current strategy that tries to make houses more affordable by reducing their size, because as long as humans are not getting any smaller, reductions in the size of apartments cannot be a permanent solution.

The principles of Co-Residence will be presented as solutions to the twofold dysfunctionality in housing: Production and Affordability. How to build apartments of lasting quality, in larger numbers, more affordable for the inhabitants, able to create social cohesion, while at the same time being respectful to the environment, and all this during an economic crisis?

In that way Co-Residence is the ambitious idea that the domestic scale, the 1:100, the apartment floor plan, can contribute to solving a problem on a metropolitan scale, the 1:100.000. And therefore everything that matters at the metropolitan level: Density, Activity, Proximity, Governance… will be extrapolated to the most minimal expression of ‘urban planning’: the apartment.


Watch the 6 videos of the project in:

-YouTube: French HERE and in English HERE


-Site de l’AIGP (scroll down to STAR)

Watch the presentation (English) at the Cité Universitaire in Paris HERE

Summary published in MONU 18: Communal Urbanism


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Title: “Co-Residence: Habiter en Grand”

Project name: Research/project on housing

Date: September 2012 – On going

Type: Commission

Location: Paris Region




Status: On going

Client: AIGP (Atelier International du Grand Paris)

Budget: N/A

Awards: –

– Socialter #2, Paris, France, December 2013
– Habiter le Grand Paris (AIGP), Paris, France, June 2013
– MONU magazine on urbanism #18 Communal Urbanism, Rotterdam, the Netherlands, April 2013
– Le Moniteur #5708, Paris, France, April 19, 2013

Exhibitions: Le Cent-Quatre, La Semaine de l’atelier international du Grand Paris : Habiter le Grand Paris, Paris, France, 1 – 7 July 2013

STAR (“mandataire”) Team: Beatriz Ramo, Ieva Cicenaite, Julie Pommier, Mikel Mujika, Lydie Seurre

Collaborators: MONU Magazine on Urbanism – Team: Matas Siupsinskas, BOARD, Bernd Upmeyer (Editor-in-chief MONU / Director BOARD) – Team: Mario Yáñez Aller

Consulting: Elioth –Egis Group (Paul Azzopardi), Lyn Capital (Yann Collandre, Jean Claude Leullier)


The team thanks : Maud Charasson, Patricia Pelloux, Isabelle Querlier, Sérida ZAÏD from the APUR ;  Jean-Patrick Fortin, Soraya Kesri from the Agence Fortin Architecture Urbanisme; Joseph et Sylvie Rabie ; and the team of the l’AIGP.

STAR strategies + architecture (mandataire : Beatriz Ramo)
(Groupement: STAR strategies + architecture & MONU magazine on
urbanism/BOARD avec les consultants Elioth-Egis et Lyn Capital).

Membre du Conseil scientifique de l’Atelier International du Grand Paris
Étude réalisée pour l’Atelier International du Grand Paris
Commande «Habiter le Grand Paris» / mars 2013