Debate at Architectuur Lokaal

November 17, 2010

The authors of the Olifantenkooi #5 at Architectuur Lokaal met to further talk about their contributions and their vision on their own role and those of others involved in architecture in the future. The Debate took place on November 17.
A summary of the debate was published by Tom Frantzen in Olifantenkooi #6.

Picture from left to right:
Robert van Kats (Blok Kats Veen), Joram Grünfeld (Elan Wonen Haarlem), Lars Mosman (Heijmans Vastgoed), Lara Simons (at the time advisor Stipo, at present freelance project leader of creative urban projects), Chris van den Berk (Mulders van den Berk Architecten), Bas van Vlaenderen (BAVAVLA Architecten), Indira van ‘t Klooster (Architectuur Lokaal), Beatriz Ramo (STAR strategies + architecture), Tom Frantzen (Frantzen et al architecten), Joost Mulders (Mulders van den Berk Architecten), Danny Janssen (Moes Bouwgroep), Maaike van Beusekom (Architectuur Lokaal).

Picture by Eva Kasbergen

The Architect in 2025
Architectuur Lokaal
Amsterdam, the Netherlands
November 17, 2010