Guest Critic at Berlage Institute: ANARCITY© Studio

April 5, 2012

Beatriz Ramo and Bernd Upmeyer were the guest critics at the mid term presentation of the First Year Core Research Studio ANARCITY© run by Winy Maas with Felix Madrazo, Jeroen Zuidgeest, Daliana Suryawinata and Adrien Ravon. Vedran Mimica was also part of the jury in representation of the Berlage Institute.

From Berlage Institute website:
This first-year postgraduate research studio investigates and designs the anarchistic city, a city without governance and collectivity, a city without rules. In this city, how is energy distributed? How are the roads made? Where are they if they exist? How about education? Sports? The studio will investigate the ultimate anarchistic situation and when and where it goes wrong. It is simulated as an interactive generative process on the base of abstract model city and applied on a real city that is growing in density in time. In order to investigate the relationship between density and anarchy, the studio will create a simulative game.


Berlage Institute: ANARCITY© Studio
Guest Critic
Rotterdam, the Netherlands
April 5, 2012