Guest Tutor at AAS in Tilburg:

February 16–April 29, 2011

Beatriz Ramo is teaching Architecture Essentials at the AAS – Academie voor Architectuur en Stedenbouw in Tilburg. Architecture Essentials is a research course that aims to develop critical assessments of today’s most dangerous clichés, assumptions, and demagoguery in the architecture field.
The course is a reaction to the enormous need for current architecture criticism.
The abundance of images and information, the global fears, and the crisis have created a climate of total confusion and opportunism. New gurus preaching architectural salvation appear constantly and the agenda of architectural institutions seems to lose credibility. Ideology has transformed into propaganda. Principles are as flexible as necessary to flow with the trends.
However, in a time when a huge percentage of architects are unemployed and our institutions struggle for funding, the few with money have enormous power. This dangerous situation produces a significant moment where there is no place for critique. The Market Economy rules absolutely everything. Nobody dares to question.

Tilburg Academie voor Architectuur en Stedenbouw  
Architecture Essentials
Guest Teacher
Research Project
Master of Architecture

Tilburg, the Netherlands
February 16–April 29, 2011