Heetmanplein-Den Bosch, Mijnplein

June 2012, ‘s-Hertogenbosh, the Netherlands  –  HONORABLE MENTION

About Entrances, Historical Traces, and Bosschebollen
The assignment is clear: “Think of a new entrance for ‘s-Hertogenbosch and give meaning to the place again”. Our starting point was wondering:
What is an Entrance Today?
After giving many answers the simplest one was the most powerful and honest: An entrance today should be a place where we feel welcome.
How do we feel welcome in a place?
When we are offered a place to sleep, something nice to eat and are told all about the place. A cozy guest house, a delicious Bosschebollen Café and a viewing platform will shape the new entrance to Den Bosch.
A New Typology:
With the lack of need for defense in the city the architectural typology of “City Gate” was lost and replaced by a ‘sign’ featuring the name of the city and the icons of its main monuments. Our proposal for the new entrance of Den Bosch brings the ‘architecture’ back, has the power of the ‘sign’ and adds a public space. We create a new typology.
It brings back the memorable ‘entrance’ feeling; the very moment or walking through the door or crossing a bridge.




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Title: ‘Reset Heetmanplein’
Project name:  Mijnplein
Date: May 2012
Type: Open International Competition
Competition Organizer: BAI  Bosch Architectuur Initiatief
Number of participants: 61
Location: ‘s-Hertogenbosh, the Netherlands
Site: The Heetmanplein (officially Wilhelmina – and Willemsplein) ‘s-Hertogenbosch
Programme: New entrance to Den Bosch: A cozy Guest House, a delicious Bosschebollen Cafe and a Viewing Platform
Surface: aprox. 3.300 m²
Status: On going
Client: the BAI and BNA in cooperation with the municipality ‘s-Hertogenbosch
Budget: N/A
Publications: Catalogus Reset Het Heetmanplein, ‘s Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands, June 2012
Exhibitions: Exhibition (from 1 June 2012 to 10 August 2012) in the City Hall ‘s-Hertogenbosch
STAR Team: Beatriz Ramo, Oscar Gential, Beatriz González Lazo and Ahinitze Errasti