Hotel 2 in 1

July – August 2006, Madrid, Spain

The 110 room hotel is placed between the highway and a new residential area on the periphery of Madrid. It will be a hotel for business people and a point of activity and reference for the area.
It contains a double programme, two buildings in one: the rooms will be placed in the outer ring and the rest of the programme (Gym, Spa, Library, Congress Rooms, a Bar and a Restaurant) will be located in the core of the building. Both guest and local residents may use the building independently.
The room is treated as one single space, with the main circulation around the bed, which is the physically and psychologically most important piece in the room. The only fixed element, the bathroom cubicle, contains four sliding walls that allow the room to be divided according to the activity and privacy required by the users.

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Title: Hotel
Project name: New Urban Hotel – Javier Morales Competition
Date: July – August 2006
Type: Open International Competition
Organizer: Hercesa
Participants: 82
Location: Madrid, Spain
Site: Butarque district – periphery of Madrid, between the highway and a new residential area.
Programme: 110 rooms, Spa, Gym, Library, Congress Center, Bar, Restaurant
Surface: 8165 m²
Status: Competition
Client: Hercesa
Budget: 5.7 Mill.
Publications: Arquitectura e Vida #92 Lisbon, Portugal, April, 2008
Exhibitions: West Arch – A New Generation in Architecture at the Ludwig Forum für International Kunst, Aachen, Germany, Sep 12–Nov 14, 2010
STAR Team: Beatriz Ramo, Johannes Pointl, Andreas Kofler; model hotel: Jordi Milá, Albert Perez; model surroundings: Daniel Diez, Elia Salcedo