Ilot 3H, Ivry-sur- Seine, Grand Paris – ONGOING PROJECT

STAR is working on an experimental housing project of 280 apartments in Ivry-Sur-Seine at the Grand Paris.


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Project name: Ilot 3H
-Competition: February 2015
-1st phase (ateliers): March-December 2015
-Developing phase: March 2016 – on going
Type: Invited Competition
Competition Organizer: Sadev94
Number of participants: 3 (Maison Edouard François, Philippe Gazeau, architecte & urbaniste, STAR strategies +architecture)
Ranking: winner
Location: ZAC, Ivry-sur-Confluence, Ivry-sur-Seine, Grand Paris, France
Site: Ilot 3H
Programme: Collective housing (35% social housing) + commerces + public spaces
Surface: 23110 m²
Status: On going – building permission
Clients: Sogeprom Habitat (Towers 1-2-3-5), Sadev94 (Tower 4)
Budget: 38 millions € (estimation)
Awards: winner
Publications: coming
Exhibitions: coming
STAR Team:
– 1st phase: Beatriz Ramo, Geoffrey Clamour, Marc Coma, Ivan Guerrero, Iris Ramas
– Building permission: Beatriz Ramo, Geoffrey Clamour, Ivan Guerrero, Javier Cuartero, Efraín Pérez del Barrio, Maria Castillo
Project Team:
-1st phase: STAR (Architect), SBA-Sabri Bendimérad Architecture (Consultant), EDEIS (Engineer), BOARD (Public spaces)
-Building permission: STAR (Architect), EDEIS (Engineer), BOARD (Public space), TOPAGER (Urban agriculture), CITAE (Label Consultant), GEXPERTISE (Geometer), BTP (Technical controller)