Lecture at Архітектурний клуб – Architectural Club in Kiev, Ukraine

March 18, 2010

Beatriz Ramo gave a lecture on the work of STAR at the Architectural Club (Архітектурний клуб) in Kiev, Ukraine on March 18.
The lecture analyzed the different public spaces in the projects of STAR.
The event was organized by the British Council and the Kyiv Organization of Architects and focused on developing public spaces in the wake of large scale international events.
15.00 h – March 18 – Architectural Club, 7, Grinchenko St. Kyiv

Marc Glaudemans – Director Stadslab (the Netherlands)
Beatriz Ramo – STAR strategies + architecture (the Netherlands)
Bohdan Tscherkes, Prof. Dr. Sc. Ph D, Arch (Ukraine)
Jaan Maas – Bureau B+B (the Netherlands) 
Архітектурний клуб – Kiev Architectural Club
, Ukraine
March 18, 2010