Lecture + Workshop at Elisava Design School in Barcelona

May 19-20, 2008

Beatriz Ramo, invited by Carlos Sant’Ana, gave a presentation on information design for students of the Postgraduate Diploma in Design, Environment, and Architecture at Elisava School in Barcelona, Spain. The presentation included work from STAR and some examples of the most influential graphics ever published.
The course was directed by Ignasi Pérez Arnal and conducted by Carlos Sant’Ana. In the course of two days, Carlos Sant’Ana and Beatriz Ramo worked with the students to generate maps and graphics revealing the conclusions of their research.

Elisava Design School
Post Oil Cities
Lecture + 2 days workshop – Post Oil Cities
Barcelona, Spain
May 19-20, 2009

image above: Icaro Doria’s Flags campaign “Meet the world” for Grande Reportagem in 2005 © From Icaro Doria

Charles Joseph Minard 1869: Napoleon’s March to Moscow ©  From Michale Friendly site

Richard Hedes Harrison for Fortune 1944: The Land, The People, The Productivity © From Malofiej 12 publication