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PROJECTS (List of Interviews and Maps below ↓)

Collective housing (35% social housing) + commerces + public spaces

Competition: February 2015
1st phase (ateliers): March-December 2015
Developing phase: March 2016 – on going
Ivry-sur-Seine, Grand Paris, France
Surface: 23110 m²
Budget: 38 millions € (estimation)
Clients : Sogeprom Habitat (Towers 1-2-3-5), Sadev94 (Tower 4)

L’intérieur de la Métropole – ON GOING
Sociological study of the different types of household and home practices in Ille de France
June 2015 – On going
Ille de France, France
Client: Self-initiated
Budget: N/A

Le Cabanon – ON GOING
Guest apartment and spa programme
November 2014
Rotterdam, the Netherlands
7 m²/21m³
Client: Private
Budget: 20.000 €

Chambre avec vue –
Housing Competition for the “LOT F” at Chapelle International
August-October 2014
Invited Competition
Paris, France
13 650 m² (net.)
Client: RIVP
Budget: 27 000 000 €

ZAC Gare Ardoines
Urban plan for the renewal of the south of Les Ardoines
July 2012 – On going
Commission after winning competition: Dialogue Competitif
Vitry-sur Seine, Région Ile-de-France, France
Surface: 49 ha
Client: EPA ORSA

“Co-Residence: Habiter en Grand”
Research/project on housing
September 2012 – On going
Grand Paris, France
Client: AIGP (Atelier International du Grand Paris)

La Légende du Grand Paris ou Comment Paris est devenue Grande
Research/Parable realized for the mission “Système métropolitain” for the AIGP
March – September 2013
Grand Paris, France
Surface: –
Client: AIGP (Atelier International du Grand Paris)

Urban Renewal Study in Roubaix, FranceSELECTED
Competitive Dialogue about the urban renewal of the Pile neighborhood in Roubaix, France.

1st phase Competitive Dialogue:  June 2012-February 2013
1st phase: Open Competition  2nd phase: Invited Competition
Roubaix, France
Surface: –
Client: La fabrique des quartiers- Societé Publique Locale d’Aménagement (spla)

Aesthetics  Anesthetics – on birds, axonometries, children, green and comics & 30 Storefronts
Metaphor A-Z + Beautiful Triangles
June 2012
New York, USA
Client: Storefront for Art and Architecture, New York, USA

‘Reset Heetmanplein’ – HONORABLE MENTION
New entrance to Den Bosch: Guest House + Bosschebollen Cafe + Viewing Platform
June 2012
Open International Competition
‘s-Hertogenbosch, the Netherlands
Surface: aprox. 3.300 m²
Client: the BAI and BNA in cooperation with the municipality ‘s-Hertogenbosch.

Helsinki Central Library ON GOING
Contemporary library design
April 2012
Open International Competition
Helsinki, Finland
Surface: 10.000 m²
Client: The city of Helsinki

Portes de Collserola. Porta Les Planes (4b) ON GOING
Regeneration of Les Planes in Collserola. Design of a public space in the middle of a natural park.
April 2012
2nd phase.Open International Competition
Barcelona, Spain
Surface: 400.000 m²
Client: BIMSA. The city of Barcelona.

Office Space (and a Hotel Room)
Design and renovation of an office space + hotel room 
June – December 2011
Rotterdam centre, the Netherlands
Surface: 125 m²
Client: –

Sloterdijk III Study
Study about the regeneration, potentials, and branding of Sloterdijk III Business area
June – September 2011
Commissioned Study
Amsterdam, The Netherlands
Surface: 170 Ha
Client: OGA- Amsterdam Development Department + DRO – Amsterdam Planning department

Regeneration of Grønmo Landfill – Norwegian Rhapsody – HONORABLE MENTION
Regeneration of a landfill into public space and Sustainable Cemetery Park
July 2011
Open International Competition Europan 11
Oslo, Norway
Surface: 45 Ha
Client: Oslo Municipality

Critical study about the misuse of Sustainability
September 2010 -June 2011, on going
Surface: 2,500 words + graphics + videos
Self-initiated study
Status: on going

In the Name of the Past: Countering the Preservation Crusades
Critical study about the dangers of preservation
December 2010 – March 2011 (First Phase: August 2009 – March 2010)
Surface: 6,000 words + graphics
Self-initiated study
Status: on going

Paseo de la Estación de Elche – FIRST PRIZE
Reurbanization of the Station Avenue in Elche
March 2011 – … (Heritage supervision)
February – July 2010 (Construction Drawings Phase)
October – December 2009 (Concept Phase)
Commission after FIRST PRIZE in Open Competition
Elche, Alicante, Spain
Surface: Area 15,000 m²
Status: Approved + Tender – Construction expected in spring 2011
Client: City of Elche
Budget: € 3.5 mill.

Córdoba Architecture Foundation
Foundation for Contemporary Architecture + Reurbanization of San Pablo District
January 2010
Open International Competition
Córdoba, Spain
Surface: 1,226 m² (building) + 10,000 m² (garden)
Client: Fundación Arquitectura Contemporánea

Auditorium Ciutat d’Elx
Auditorium, Cultural Centre and Public Square
December 2009 – January 2010
Open International Competition
Elche, Spain
Surface: 26,786 m²
Client: Elche City Council
Budget: € 19.5 mill.

Preservation + UNESCO Study
Study about preservation and intervention in UNESCO World Heritage Sites
August 2009 – March 2010
Commission after Self-Initiated Study
Status: On going
Client: Self-initiated + City of Elche

Rotondas and Walls
Design of 3 roundabouts + 3 art walls + 11-14 warehouses
September 2009
Commission after Self-initiated study
Cadrete, Zaragoza, Spain
Status: On hold
Client: Confidential

Flexible Housing in Liège –The Room That Was Always There
Urban Regeneration of Balteau Block + Housing
June 2009
Open International Competition – Europan 10
Liège, Belgium
Surface: 13,355 m² (phase I) + 41,750 m² (phase II)
Client: The City of Liège and private individuals

46 Noise-Proof Houses in Maastricht – FINALIST
Residential block at Sphinxkwartier next to noisy road
June 2009
Open International Competition – Europan 10
Maastricht, the Netherlands
Surface: 8,103 m² + Study Area: 1.5 Ha
Client: BPF Bouwinvest – Wijkontwikkelingsmaatschappij Belvédère

Mirador del Palmeral FIRST PRIZE
View point + reurbanization + proposed: Railway station + parking
Phase I: February 2009 + phase II: May 2009
Phase I: Open International Competition
Phase II: Invited Competition (2 teams phase I + SANAA, MVRDV, Foster & Partners, Lapeña & Torres, Ábalos & Sentkiewicz + Beth Galí)
Elche, Alicante, Spain
Surface: 15,000 m² of public spaces + 1,200 m² of exhibition rooms + mirador –viewpoint + train station 1,100 m² + parking 7,800 m²
Status: reurbanization is approved + construction expected spring 2011
Client: Elche City Council
Budget: € 10 Mill. + € 6 mill. – already reserved for the railway station

The Park of the 99 Gardens – Valdebebas Park
Valdebebas urban park for sports, leisure and culture
April 2009
Open International Competition
Madrid, Spain
Surface: 80 Ha
Client: Junta de Compensación Parque de Valdebebas

Offices in Leganés
Center for Sports Management in Leganés
February 2009
Open International Competition
Leganés, Madrid, Spain
Surface: 3,070 m²
Client: Leganés City Council
Budget: € 3.6 mill.

House of Arts and Culture – SECOND PRIZE
January 2009
Open International Competition
Beirut, Lebanon
Surface: 16,000 m²
Client: Ministry of Culture, Lebanon
Budget: $ 20 Mill.

Icon  –  Revisited
Proposal for a new icon/viewpoint in Dubai
December 2008
Open International Competition
Dubai, UAE – United Arab Emirates
Surface: 1,600 m²
Client: Dubai Municipality

Bouwkunde Delft
Title: The Garden of Delights
New architecture faculty building
November 2008
Open International Competition
Delft, the Netherlands
Surface: 52,000 m²
Client: TU Delft

Research about Beach Tourism Typology
400 Years of Beach Tourism
Research and exhibition about the history of beach architecture typology
October – November 2008
Commission: research and exhibition
DHUB, Barcelona, Spain
Status: realized
Client: DHUB – Disseny Hub Barcelona

Accessible Sport Centre – CaU Madrid
Sports training facilities for disabled people
October 2008
Open International Competition
Madrid, Spain
Surface: 7,077 m² + below ground 10,325 m²
Client: Madrid City Council

Cadrete House(s)
Private house (transformable in two houses in the future) + commercial space
May – September 2007 / January – September 2008 / on going
Cadrete, Zaragoza, Spain
Surface:  280 m²
Status: On going
Client: private
Budget: € 202,000

Manzana 5 – Development – FIRST PRIZE
Mixed-use Block in the High-Speed Train Station District
June – July 2007 (competition) – August – January 2008 (development)
Commission after FIRST PRIZE in Open Competition
Zaragoza, Spain
Surface: 60,000 m² (18,100 m² residential + 8,500 m² offices, 14,000 m² retail +19,.000 m² parking + 4,500 m² green areas)
Status: On going
Client: Zaragoza Alta Velocidad 2002 S.A.
Budget: € 45 mill.

Manzana 6
Mixed-use block in the High-Speed train Station district
June-July 2007
International Open Competition
Zaragoza, Spain
Surface: Total 43,200 (Residential 14,.900 m², Commercial 17,000 m², Garden 2,800 m², Parking 14,300 m²)
Client: Zaragoza Alta Velocidad 2002 S.A.

Reykjavik Masterplan – Ideal City of 21st Century – FINALIST
Masterplan for the new district of Vatnsmýri 102 Reykjavik
First phase: May 2006 – stopped & May 2007 – restarted; second phase: October 2007
International Open Competition
Reykjavik, Iceland
Surface: 225 Ha
Client: City of Reykjavik

The Re-Creation of the European City – Urban Shopping list for Secondary Cities
Study about the elements that are currently shaping secondary European cities
December 2005 – On going
Client:  Self-initiated + Government of Aragón + City Council of Zaragoza, Spain

Minimum Housing Project
Secret Spaces
500 university apartments and facilities for the new CPS campus
August 2007
International Open Competition
Zaragoza, Spain
Surface: 36,000 m²
Client: Suelo y Vivienda de Aragón (Regional Government)

Masterplan and Tower in Leinelä
Masterplan and design for housing, new station and public spaces
June 2007
Open International Competition
Leinelä, Vantaa, Finland
Surface: 4 Ha + tower: 13,000 m²
Client: Leinelä Municipality

Greater Helsinki 2050
Regional Strategy for Greater Helsinki 2050
May 2007
International Open Competition
Greater Helsinki, Finland
Surface: 80,000 Ha

Big B Housing Block – SECOND PRIZE
Residential complex in Amsterdam North
May 2007
Open International Competition – Europan 9
Amsterdam, Netherlands
Surface: 35,000 m²
Client: Ymere Amsterdam

CH Houses
Design of two private houses
April – May 2007
Concept Design
Zaragoza, Spain
Surface: 125 m² / 215 m²
Status: Stopped
Client: private
Budget: € 150,000 / € 250,.000

200 houses + working units. Each unit: 500 m3: gallery + atelier + housing
March 2007
Open International Competition
Beijing, China
Surface: each unit: 150 m²
Client: Boloni Home Decor together with Thinking Hands Co.,LTD

Teruel City Museum
Expansion of Teruel City Museum
November – December 2006
Open International Competition
Teruel, Spain
Surface: 5,200 m²
Client: Diputación Provincial de Teruel
Budget: € 5.7 mill.

Cardboard Modular Stand – HONORABLE MENTION
Modular systems solutions for temporary exhibitions fairs
August 2006
International Open Competition
IFEMA, Madrid, Spain
Client: IFEMA, Madrid

Hotel 2 in 1
New urban hotel of 110 rooms and extra facilities
July – August 2006
Open International Competition
Surface: 8,165 m²
Client: Hercesa
Budget: € 5.7 mill.

Super Germany
Study about Germany for the Catalogue of the Venice Biennale 06
June 2006
Commissioned study
Status: Cancelled
Client: Arch+ Magazine

Rotterdam Zuid Study
Analysis and strategies to implement the potentiality of Rotterdam as a whole, focusing in the potentials of Rotterdam Zuid
April-May 2006
Self-initiated Study
Rotterdam, the Netherlands
Status: Finished + presented at the Municipality of Rotterdam

The Image of Europe
Research and exhibition about the history of European political representation, political current structure and speculations on it possible futures
March-April 2006
Commissioned study and exhibition
Vienna, Austria
Surface: 640 m²
Status: Realized
Client: OMA/AMO for Austrian European Presidency 2006
Budget: Confidential

Dubai Business Bay (part I and II)
Strategy and branding study for OMA’s Dubai Renaissance project + Masterplan
February – March 2006
Commissioned study
Dubai, UAE – United Arab Emirates
Client: OMA – Office for Metropolitan Architecture
Budget: Confidential

This is Spijkenisse
Analysis and branding strategies forSpijkenisse
February 2006
Commissioned study
Spijkenisse, the Netherlands
Site: Spijkenisse
Client: Bernd Upmeyer – BOARD on behalf of Mei Architecten

Parking Garage
Parking Garage Transferium Kralingse Zoom
January – March 2006
Commission VO Parking Garage
Rotterdam, the Netherlands
Surface: phase I: 1,439 parking lots; phase II: 498 parking lots
Status: stopped
Client: OBR, Rotterdam

Estonian National Museum
October – November 2005
International Open Competition
Tartu, Estonia
Surface: 28,594 m²
Client: Estonian National Museum
Budget: € 38 Mill.

700 Houses  –  Paradise City
Housing Masterplan and design of 700 houses
September 2005
Open International Competition – Europan 8
Logroño, Spain
Surface: 40 Ha
Status: Competition
Client: Logroño City Council

Research about Cinema typology for the inner cities + Design of Cinema building
January – July 2005
Graduation Project
Rome, Italy
Surface:  5,790 m² + 1,700 m²




Alma Residence Hotel Consultancy
Architectural review of the selected proposals for the competition of the Alma Residence Hotel
September – October 2011
Commissioned Consultancy
Observatory at San Pedro de Atacama, Northern Chile
Client: ESO – European Organization for Astronomical Research in the Southern Hemisphere (Germany).


DEBATES (organizer)

MONU Most Valuable Urbanism Debate
Panel: Floris Alkemade, Jaap van den Bout, Adriaan Geuze – moderator Piet Vollaard
Organization together with Bernd Upmeyer
February 10, 2011



Project Managers and the End of the Dominatrix Architect : Interview with Alejandro Zaera-Polo
Alejandro Zaera-Polo
MONU nr.28
April 2018

Behind the Scenes : A Conversation with my Client
Djamel Aït-Aïssa
MONU nr.28
April, 2018

Liberté, Digitalité, Créativité: Interview with Jean-Louis Missika
Jean-Louis Missika
MONU nr.22
February 6, 2015

3D Nolli: Interview with Winy Maas
Winy Maas – MVRDV
MONU nr.21
August 29, 2014

Into the wild: Conversation with Petra Blaisse
Petra Blaisse – Inside Outside
MONU nr.21
August 28, 2014

Unlimited Greatness: Interview with Antoine Grumbach
Antoine Grumbach
MONU nr.19
July 3, 2013

The New Rural: Global Agriculture, Desakotas and Freak Farms
Kees Christiaanse – KCAP Architects&Planners
MONU nr.16
February  2012

Acrobatic Narratives. Institutionalized Activism, Poetic Demagogy, and Creative Propaganda.
Wouter  Vanstiphout – Crimson Historians
September 2011

Extreme Demolition and Extreme Preservation
Ippolito Pestellini – Office for Metropolitan Architecture OMA
April 2011

Deadly Serious
Adolfo Natalini – Founder of Natalini Architetti and Superstudio
January 2011

Real BIG
Bjarke Ingels – BIG
January 2010

Rotterdam is a Whore
Andre Kempe- Atelier Kempe Thill
January 2010

Pseudo Democracies and Pseudo Commissions
Reinier de Graaf – Office for Metropolitan Architecture OMA
July 2008

Dumped in Almere
Floris Alkemade – Office for Metropolitan Architecture OMA
June 2007



Market Value(s)
Study about similarities in the Advertising of Dubai Real State Market and the Arnolfini Portrait
February 2010
Double page
Status: Published

Europan NL Series
3 maps about Europan in Europe and in the Netherlands
January 2008
The Netherlands
2 double pages
Status: Published

The History of Expos – La Historia de las Expos
Panorama about the typological evolution of International Exhibitions + Essay
December 2005 – January 2006 / Re-layout: November 2006
9 pages
Status: Published

Mc World – Mc Mundo
Study about the local adaptations of Mc Donalds’ menus
December 2006
Double page
Status: Published

The Tallest Building – El Edificio más Alto
Comparison study about the tallest building of each country
June 2006
Double Page
Status: Published

Terrorists Love Density
Study about the relation of terrorist attacks
July 2006
Double Page
Status: Published

The European – El Europeo
Study about how all the common features of the Europe inhabitants are based on cheapness
June 2006
Double Page
Status: Published

World Ball – La Bola del Mundo – Wereld bal
Study about the strategies of the equipments‘sponsors of the 2006 Soccer World Championship
June 2006
Double page
Status: Published

Europan Continent – Continente Europan
Study about the sites of the European competition from its beginning
June 2006
Double page
Status: Published

Potential Nation States – Potenciales Estados Nación – Een Nieuwe Wereldkaart
Study about all the regions in the world that claim independence from their current Nation State.
May 2006
Double Page
Status: Published

E70 – 7 Denied Countries
Study about the road E 70 connecting Turkey with Germany
January 2006
E70 countries from Germany to Turkey
2 double pages
Status: Published

Rem (brand) t
Study about all the products that use the name Rembrandt on its brand, for the 400 anniversary of the birth of Rembrandt van Rijn
March 2006
Double Page
Status: Published

Happy 2005
Christmas Eve Party with all the people that had reasons to celebrate during 2005
December 2005
Status: Published