Manzana 5 Site is Clean and Fenced

December 24, 2010

Preparation work is being carried out slowly on the site of the future Manzana 5. The client is still involved in various legal procedures and is still talking to foreign investors.
Manzana 5 is a mixed-use building in the Digital Mile District of Zaragoza, Spain.
STAR won the first prize in the competition of July 2007 and delivered the project drawings in December of the same year. Just a few weeks later, Spain’s housing market collapsed and was hit by the global financial crisis, leading to the bankruptcy of major companies interested in developing Manzana 5. Moreover, the big investments for the International Expo in Zaragoza in 2008 left the city with a slower pace of growth afterwards.  Two years of little activity around Manzana 5 seems to start changing slowly.  

↑ above Manzana 5 site from Zaragoza High-speed Train Station