Mirador del Palmeral exhibited in Seoul, Korea at the Korea Institute for Youth Facility and Environment

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Nov 23 –Dec 23, 2012

The Mirador project of STAR (1st prize in competition in 2009) will be exhibited at the Korea Institute for Youth Facility and Environment in Seoul, from 22 until 28 November 2012 as a selection of prominent Spanish Architecture.  The exhibition shows 50 projects from different countries. The curators of the Spanish selection are María José Marcos and Gonzalo Herrero Delicado.

The exhibited projects/office from Spain are:
– Andrés Jaque – ‘NeverNeverland House’
– STAR – Beatriz Ramo ‘Mirador del Palmeral de Elche’
– Ábalos-Sentkiewicz – ‘Performing Arts Centre Taipei’
– XPIRAL – Javier Peña Galiano ‘Torreagüera Atresados’
– AMIDcero9 – Cristina & Efren ‘Palacio del cerezo en flor’
– Magicarch – ‘Water Tuning’