Presentation at Studio Banana, Madrid

October 7, 2010

Beatriz Ramo gave a presentation of the work of STAR at studio BANANA in Madrid last October 7. Studio BANANA is a multidisciplinary creative platform founded in Madrid.

From Studio Banana: Studio Banana is the first multi­disciplinary and international cre­ativity platform in Madrid. Since 2007 it has amalgamated a wide network of emerging professionals and enterprises working, researching and innovating in different creative fields (graphic design, web design, product design, architecture and interior design, illustration, animation, 3D and virtual environments, systems design, photography, audiovisuals, programming, branding, advertising…).
The Studio Banana members (40, from 13 different nationalities) and collaborators (a vast global network) benefit from sharing an inspiring collaborative working environment, from access to creative projects and state of the art infrastructure as well as from the visibility offered by the platform. On the other hand, Studio Banana customers and affiliated institutions benefit from the wide range of creative services provided by the studio members and collaborators and from the innovative and fresh solutions offered by a series of agile and well-coordinated professionals (as opposed to the heavy and predictable products offered by agencies).
Other initiatives of Studio Banana are Studio Banana TV, an audiovisual platform specialized in the documentation and communication of creative and cultural contents; Studio Banana Cultural Association, a non-profit project that organizes and hosts multidisciplinary cultural activities; and Studio Banana Courses, an educational initiative focused on the training of creative digital tools.

Studio Banana
Madrid, Spain
October 7, 2010