Rethinking Sandberg – STAR Studio at Sandberg Institute, Amsterdam

February 9, 2011

Beatriz Ramo teaches the Education block for the Master of Interior Architecture (MIA) at the Sandberg Institute. The Sandberg Institute provides the master program of the Rietveld Academy.

Sandberg Institute

Rethinking Sandberg
Guest Teacher

Research / Design Course
Master in Interior Architecture (MIA)
Amsterdam, the Netherlands
September 13, 2010 – February 9, 2011
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Rethinking Sandberg
The first generation of participants in the Master of Interior Architecture are given the chance to rethink the spatial and programmatic organization of this institute.
The Sandberg Institute will be the laboratory for testing new spatial configurations that enhance the production of knowledge and can handle new programme combinations that challenge the current structures.

Designer vs. Client:
The students will deal with the challenge of being both the designer and the user of their own proposals. It will be an interesting task for the students, but also for the coordinators and teachers, as they all play a direct role in the process. Therefore, they are automatically involved in the assignment and will be able to judge the consequences of the designs.

Reality vs. Experimentation:
The students will have to think conceptually and dare experimentation while being/living in the real site of their assignment. They will work on site. That is a rare and unique situation, in which the students fortunately (or unfortunately) will have to spend every day in the building of their assignment, surrounded by the people who use it as well. They also get the chance to observe each other and the way the others use their building.

Tom van Alst
Evelien Beets
Jack S.C. Chen
Chanida (Ly) Lumthaweepaisal
Wenqian Luo (Vicki Law) 


Ricky van Broekhoven
Dennis Schuivens
Sabine Ruitenbeek

Thanks to:
Petra Blaisse (Inside Outside), Guest Critic and Lecturer on January 18, 2011
Felix Madrazo (Why factory), Guide at Why factory
Laura Alvarez (TU Delft), Guide at Bouwkunde and Guest Critic at final presentation
Jeroen Visschers (Academy Rotterdam), Guide at Rotterdam Academy
Vedran Mimica (Berlage Institute), Presentation at Berlage
Jurgen Bey (Sandberg Institute), Interview series at Sandberg Institute
Herni Snel (Sandberg Institute)
Marieke Coppens (Sandberg Institute)

Petra Blaisse (Inside Outside), Guest Critic and Lecture on Januray 18, 2011

Petra Blaisse (Inside Outside), Guest Critic and Lecture on Januray 18, 2011

Petra Blaisse (Inside Outside), Guest Critic and Lecture on Januray 18, 2011


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