This is Spijkenisse

February 2006, Spijkenisse, the Netherlands

The study analyzes the current situation of Spijkenisse and uses its in-progress strategies and projects to its maximum potential to define an identity for the city.
Within the province of South Holland Spijkenisse is a peripheral city. Situated on the island Voorne-Putten the city is excluded from major ideas about the South Wing of the Randstad. This allows the city to develop its own strategies. Compared with other cities in South Holland, Spijkenisse has an outstanding performance in terms of shopping and is recognized as such by the people as well as the politicians.
The city-centre of Rotterdam (connected with Spijkenisse by two metro lines) could work as its own cultural centre, while the city concentrates its effort on commercial activity which consolidates it as the shopping mall for the area.

‘One country two systems” (OMA)
Spijkenisse does not belong to any major system.

Spijkenisse as centre of the Vorne-Putten Island and with perfect connection with Rotterdam centre.

Dutch shops in Zuid Holland cities

HEMA is the representative indicator for the Dutch shopping landscape.

As society changed, its symbols did as well. What is international still recognized as typical Dutch does not reflect the reality of today.

The features of the contemporary typical Dutch are defined by a variety of shops and products.

Inner city of Spijkenisse working as a perfect shopping mall.
Extension of the ABC complex in Spijkenisse.

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Title: This is Spijkenisse
Project name: This is Spijkenisse – Dit is Spijkenisse
Date: February 2006
Type: Commissioned study
Location: Spijkenisse, the Netherlands
Site: Spijkenisse
Programme: Analysis, branding and strategies to develop Spijkenisse
Surface: N/A
Status: finished
Client: Bernd Upmeyer – BOARD on behalf of Mei Architecten
Budget: N/A
Publications: Blauwe Kamer #2, Wageningen, the Netherlands, April 2009
Team STAR: Beatriz Ramo, Theo Deutinger, Andreas Kofler, João Prates Ruivo
Collaborators:  Coauthor BOARD (Bernd Upmeyer)