STAR has been Selected for the Last Edition of ARQUIA

May 8, 2012 – SELECTED

The critical essay ‘O’Mighty Green’ has been selected by the Spanish Architecture Foundation Caja de Arquitectos for the current edition of ARQUIA PROXIMA. The jury selected 24 projects based on quality and excellence out of 2841 registered projects (1445 last year). The members of the jury were: Ariadna Cantís, Eva Franch, Marta Thorne, Francisco Cabrera, Ricardo Devesa, José María Ezquiaga, José Morales, Carlos Quintáns, and Rogelio Ruiz. Inteligencia Colectiva by the collective Zoohaus won the first prize.
Arquia/Próxima is the cultural programme of the Architecture Foundation to support and promote the work of young Spanish architects.
With this selection the jury intended to emphasize the new roles of young architects who try to develop new formats to carry on with their work, such as self-initiated projects, new ways of collaboration, “action urbanism”, etc…
The 24 selected works will be part of a travelling exhibition and a catalogue, and will be presented at the III IFORO ARQUIA/PRÓXIMA in CORUÑA (Spain) in October 2012.

Open Competition
Organizer: Fundación Caja de Arquitectos
Participants: 2841 projects from 991 architects (the jury selected 24 projects)
Madrid, Spain