STAR Seminar “Qualité et Innovations Architecturales et Urbaines » at the AIGP – Palais de Tokyo

March 6, 2015

STAR (STAR+MONU/BOARD+ELIOTH+LYN Capital) participated at the Seminar “Qualité et Innovations Architecturales et Urbaines” (Architectural and Urban Qualities and Innovations) at the AIGP – Atelier International du Grand Paris at the Palais de Tokyo, on March 6.

Beatriz Ramo’s presentation entitle: “Tabous autour du Logement; Parlons en” (Taboos around Housing; let’s talk) dealt with several issues that affect the production and the quality of the new apartments at the Paris Region. Several issues from different scales were presented and discussed: the handicapped regulations, new types of housing like Co-Residence (currently being developed by STAR-BOARD/MONU), the residential towers of 50m of height, the gallery-access apartments, etc..

STAR invited Andreas Hofer – founder and architect of Kraftwerk 1 in Zurich to present the project.

De gauche à droite : Geoffrey Clamour, Beatriz Ramo, Raphaël Ménard

Andreas Hofer – © AIGP- Hoda Hamzeh