Sylvia Pinel, the French Housing Minister Welcomes Beatriz Ramo and 4 Other Members of the AIGP to Discuss Mesures for Housing Improvement

September 2, 2015

Sylvia Pinel, French Minister of Territorial Equality and Housing, invited 5 teams of the Scientific Counsil of the AIGP- Atelier International du Grad Paris to discuss housing improvement measuremnts for France. Beatriz Ramo in her presentation” « Pour un habitat au cœur du projet métropolitain » brought up the necessary revision of some regulations, the need for new types of appartements and presented some of the proposals of the research of STAR on Housing Improvement.

The 5 teams were:
Les Urbanistes Associés / Devillers et Associés (Christian DEVILLERS)
BMCA, Brès + Mariolle et chercheurs associés (Béatrice MARIOLLE et Antoine BRES)
MVRDV avec AAF et ACS (Monique ELEB)
Star Stratégies + Architecture (Beatriz RAMO)
FGP + TER (Philippe GAZEAU)