The Tallest Building

September 2006

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Title: The Tallest Building – El Edificio más Alto
Date: June 2006
Type: Self-initiated study
Location: World
Programme: Comparison study about the tallest building of each country
Surface: Double Page
Status: Published
Client: Self-initiated
Budget: N/A
-SHD Super Holland design by ACTAR, Barcelona, Spain /New York, USA, November 2007
-Pasajes de Arquitectura y Crítica #79, Madrid, Spain, September, 2006
-Several Internet publications
-RAS, Gallery from ACTAR, Barcelona, Spain – February 15 – April 5, 2008
-Subwalk urban art + culture One Night Stand, Arnhem, the Netherlands, February 1, 2008
STAR Team: Beatriz Ramo, Theo Deutinger, Andreas Kofler, Johannes Pointl