The team STAR-SBA-AIA has been selected for the design of the “Ilot 3H” in Ivry-sur-Seine, Grand Paris

March 6, 2015

STAR has been selected out of a restricted competition to design the “Ilot 3H” in the ZAC Ivry-Confluences in Ivry-sur- Seine. The ilot 3H will comprise around 21.000m2 of housing (40% social housing) and commerces and will be one of the most emblematic projects of this territory, aiming to “ Reinvent the Housing Tower” and to design experimental apartements adapted to the current and new family types. The site is decalred of national Interets and carries a majeur role for the development of the Metropolis of Grand Paris.

The design process will spam from March until November 2015 and it will be orchestrated in a unique format of 8 workshops who will count with the presence of the municipality, the urbanists, the social housing corporation and the site manager SADEV who will lead together with STAR the workshops. Four teams of developers will join the workshops after June and one of them will be chosen to realize the project of STAR.
The “reversed design methode” created by Djamel Ait-Aissa, Director of SADEV, is reinventing the roles of the acteurs on the design project and gives the architect a central position, while the developers are in competition.

Team : STAR strategies + architecture in collaboration with SBA-Sabri Bendimérad Architecte (consultant architect-sociologist), AIA Associés (engineers).
Client : SADEV 94