Unlimited Greatness: Interview with Antoine Grumbach

July 3, 2013

Beatriz Ramo and Bernd Upmeyer spoke on behalf of MONU with the French architect and urban designer Antoine Grumbach. Since 2008 Grumbach has been leading one of the teams of the Grand Paris project, an initiative launched by former French President Nicolas Sarkozy for a new global plan for the Paris metropolitan region.

The 15 teams of architects and urban planners, appointed by the so-called Atelier International Grand Paris (AIGP) to be part of the Scientific Committee for the mission ’Grand Paris: pour une métropole durable’, were selected through a competition. Grumbach proposes for Paris a so-called “Seine Metropolis” – he recommends to develop Paris along the valley of the river Seine linking Paris, Rouen, and Le Havre.

In 2012 Antoine Grumbach and Jean-Michel Wilmotte won two of the three available prizes at the “Greater Moscow” competition. The competition intended to solicit concepts regarding the development of Greater Moscow. The winners of this competition were selected in a series of seminars that invited the final teams, with architects from Russia and countries in Europe, the Americas and Asia, to discuss specific proposals, which were intended to create an image of prestige for Greater Moscow as a place with a competitive business environment. This interview took place on July 3, 2013 in Grumbach’s office in Paris. 

Full interview (4400 words) in MONU #19 Greater Urbanism 
See the publication here

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Title: Unlimited Greatness
Name: Interview with Antoine Grumbach
Date: July 3, 2013
Type: Self-initiated interview
Location: Paris, France
Site: Antoine Grumbach’s Office
Programme: Interview about Antoine Grumbach’s projects.
Surface: 4400 words
Status: Published
Client: Self-initiated
Publications:  MONU #19, Rotterdam, the Netherlands, October 2013
Exhibitions: –
STAR Team: Beatriz Ramo
Collaborators: co-author: Bernd Upmeyer – BOARD + editor-in-chief MONU, Gabriele Baleyste (Transcription); Proofreading: Maarten Doude van Troostwijk
Consulting: –